– The Salsa Photo Booth –

Our state-of-the-art photo booth offers many features that other photo booths do not. Features include an app that comes with dozens of interface files, and 100+ LED animations to create truly unique experiences. Standard features include Photo, Boomerang, Gif and Video. Premium experiences include Custom Branded Galleries, Greenscreen, Glam, which offers a variety of striking filters, and also LED lighting.

Tilting head adjusts to different heights
Filters, glam feature, digital masks and props
Can be used for indoor or outdoor events
Instant sharing (via text, email, airdrop)
Touch controls as well as gesture controls

The Salsa Booth Photos


The classic still image for capturing memories

The Salsa Booth Gifs


Short video made from several stills

The Salsa Booth Boomerangs


Short video that plays forwards and backwards

The Salsa Booth Videos


The classic short length video

The Salsa Booth Gallery


View all of the photos taken at your event

The Salsa Booth Green Screen

Green Screen

Replace the background with anything you want

The Salsa Booth Filters


Add different effects to enhance your photos

The Salsa Booth LED


Lighting effects to make your captures stand out

– Virtual Photo Booth –

Capture your event digitally whether your guests are physically present at an event or not. Can be done in conjunction with a physical booth. Contact us for pricing.

– Hybrid Booth –

A Hybrid Photo Booth experience “marries” the pictures from a free-standing photo booth at an event, with pictures of people that are not physically at the event, by sending them a unique link, that once opened, turns their phone into a “photo booth”! A slideshow will show in-person and virtual guests a real-time assembly of their pictures, as they are added. At the end of the event, all the people from both the physical event and the virtual event can see themselves together in a gallery, and the pictures are able to be shared through emails and social media.